The German Business Association in Vietnam would like to inform you about the “GBA Business Challenge – Season 3”, which has been officially opened for online applications from 25 April 2022 to 31 July 2022.

Initiated and organized for the first time in 2020 by the German Business Association (GBA), after two seasons, the GBA Business Challenge is gradually becoming an attractive playground for students who are passionate about business and about to start realizing business ideas that they have been planned for a long time. The first two seasons attracted nearly 100 interested applications with wide range of ideas and business fields. Recognizing the great potential as well as the need of the young startup community regarding financial support and capacity building, GBA would like to keep contributing to the efforts of turning ideas and dreams into tangible business models, which might have ability to make positive impacts on society, the environment, and people in long-term.

  • Do you have a new idea or a new business model?
  • Is your idea is sustainable, which can create positive impacts?
  • Is it feasible and can be realized within 12 months of the competition?
  • Are you in need of financial support or capacity building, or simply an opportunity to challenge yourself, step up and present your ideas?

No matter what you’re involved for, let us accompany you and empower you on your journey to pursue your dreams. Stop being hesitate, stop thinking, it’s time to turn your idea, on which you have spent thousands of hours thinking, debating, and crafting, into a real business.

Let’s do it together!