Regarding the future shortage of fossil fuels, scientists are urgently looking for alternative raw materials, one of which is biomass. Biomass can be converted into various products such as biofuels, biomaterials or biochemicals by using a technical process known as biorefinery.

The DAAD-supported alumni workshop on “Value added from biomass” took place from October 1-2 2018 at the Vietnamese-German Center (VDZ) on the campus of Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST). Its focus was on the efficient utilization of the components of biomass and their conversion into suitable bio products. The 2-day event with more than 40 guests was opened by the vice-president of HUST Prof. Dr. med. Dinh Van Phong and the Head of the DAAD Regional Office Stefan Hase-Bergen.

Cooperation opportunities in teaching and research were also discussed with the two guests of the TU Dresden, Prof. Dr. Thomas Walther and Dr. Christan Löser. This was the first step in the development of possible joint projects.