Which personal experiences do returnees bring back home with them from Germany? And how do the DAAD-scholarship and the stay in Germany affect their professional career in the future?

On one thing they all agreed: Winter in Germany is cold and grey and could certainly affect their mood for the worse. Especially in a strange country, far away from their familiar environment and their loved ones giving support. The joy, once the family has finally arrived is even bigger, the former master- and PHD-scholars of the DAAD tell about their experiences in Germany. The eleven participants, five women and six men, came from different regions in Vietnam to attend an alumni-workshop on the 15th of March 2019 and were quite happy to get the opportunity to exchange stories among themselves and talk about their experiences with studying and living in Germany.

The most important influences on studying abroad successfully are very similar for the alumni: having their family around as well as great result in their studies and their personal research were the main reasons that the time in Germany became an altogether shaping and fascinating experience for most of the scholars.

“I was able to learn a lot professionally in Germany and my research was a full success, thanks to the excellent laboratory equipment”, a lot of the returnees said. “I greatly profit from the methodical knowledge I gained in Germany, now that I am back in Vietnam”, was another statement.

Many of the returnees work as scientific researchers in their field and want to use their newly won wealth of experience to help improve the Vietnamese education system as well.

Although they are happy being back in Vietnam, the alumni fondly remember the successful and great time they had in Germany, and most of them also miss eating “Bratwurst” and drinking good German beer. Nevertheless, many are keeping contact with their professors and want to travel back to Germany. The DAAD makes this possible for its alumni with a scholarship.