As Germany’s only state distance-learning university, the FernUniversität in Hagen fulfills a unique role in the German higher education system. It serves the largest and most diverse student body in Germany, providing flexible options that make university education accessible to students whose needs are not met by traditional universities and enable the pursuit of lifelong learning.

The FernUniversität’s distance learning system offers students maximum flexibility in terms of both time and location. Since the learning schedule can be easily adapted to students’ individual needs, it makes it possible to seek a degree at a German university from anywhere in the world.

Both students with traditional university entrance qualifications and students with relevant career or vocational experience have the opportunity to pursue an academic education at the FernUniversität.

Most courses and modules are taught in German, and German language proficiency is a prerequisite for admission to a degree program. Using the internet, students collaborate with one another, communicate with teaching staff, and research academic literature. By incorporating the findings of its researchers, the FernUniversität continuously develops and refines new educational tools and didactic strategies.

The FernUniversität is composed of five faculties which carry out the university’s research and teaching. Their strengths: disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary networking – an excellent basis for their degree programs.

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