Catalysis describes the change in the kinetics of a chemical reaction with the aid of a catalyst. Catalysts support an environmentally and climate friendly production of chemicals. For example, a catalytic converter in a vehicle ensures that pollutant emissions are significantly reduced, or that wastewater can be treated as drinking water with the aid of catalysts. Thus, such chemical processes can contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The 2nd workshop “Catalysis towards sustainable chemical industry” of the DAAD-funded SDG Graduate School “RoHan Catalysis” (Rostock-Hanoi) took place from 17 till 21 September 2018 at the Vietnamese-German Center on the campus of the Hanoi University of Science & Technology (HUST).

More than 40 PhD students, postdocs and scientists participated in the one-week workshop, mainly from the cooperating partners, HUST, the Vietnam National University of Science (VNU-HUS), the Rostock University (UR) and the Rostock-based Leibniz Institute of Catalysis (LIKAT).

The workshop was opened by the directors of the cooperating universities, Prof. Udo Kragl (UR), Dr. med. Le Minh Thang (HUST) and Prof. Nguyen Van Noi (VNU-HUS), as well as the Director of the DAAD Regional Office Hanoi Stefan Hase-Bergen. The content of the workshop dealt with the possibilities of catalysis in the treatment of industrial wastewater, air pollution or bio-waste. This is followed by an excursion with visits of the Danang University and companies.

The RoHan Catalysis SDG Graduate School is the only DAAD-funded SDG Graduate School in Asia. So far, 45 students and scientists have been supported, including 16 doctoral students. The focus is on education and research on catalysis as a key to sustainable resource management. The aim is to foster the development and establishment of catalysis technologies and processes in Vietnam through the training of qualified Vietnamese scientists. Climate protection, affordable and clean energy, clean water or the promotion of innovation in the industry are some of the Sustainable Development Goals that the partners of RoHan Catalysis want to support.

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