To intensify German-Chinese research cooperation and improve funding opportunities for young Chinese scientists and academics, the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and the DAAD have offered a joint programme to support Chinese postdocs since 2013.

Who can apply?

Outstanding graduates from Chinese universities, especially those that are part of the "985" or "211" project, and from institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

What can be funded?

The scholarship programme offers young Chinese scientists and academics the opportunity to carry out a research project at a university or non-university research institute in Germany.

Duration of the funding

The earliest possible funding period starts in July of the following year.
The funding duration is 7-18 months. After a 12-month funding period, a decision is made as to whether funding will be continued for up to 6 more months.


Payments made by the CSC:
  • Monthly scholarship payments of 1.300 euros
  • Travel expenses for one outward and one return journey
  • Payment of visa fees

Payments made by the DAAD:
  • Monthly scholarship payments of 700 euros
  • Health insurance
  • Three-month language course in China (if necessary)
  • Two-day pre-departure training
  • Monthly research allowance for the German host institute of 200 euros


A selection committee consisting of experts from both the CSC and DAAD reviews applications.

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