Programme Description

The Herder Institute awards fellowships to PhD students or postdocs especially from East-Central and Western Europe (excluding Germany) and experts who work on the history of Eastern Europe.
Visiting fellows benefit from the Herder Institute's comprehensive collections (image archive, map- and document collection) and from one of the world’s biggest special libraries on the history of East-Central Europe during their research stay in the city of Marburg.

The fellowship is granted for 1 month (Format I) or 3 months (Format II). It is worth a base amount of 1,400 EUR for Format 1 and of 1,600 EUR for Format II; moreover, there are contributions towards health insurance, non-personnel costs and travel expenses.

Target Group

PhD students and postdocs (Format I) or professorial level researchers (Format II) mainly from East-Central European countries and Western Europe (excluding Germany) doing research on East-Central European history

Academic Requirements

doctorate degree course and/or post-doctoral lecturer qualification

Number of Scholarships

about 15 fellowships each year


up to 1 month (Format I) or up to 3 months with an option for the funding of a workshop (Format II)

Scholarship Value

  • monthly base amount of 1,400 EUR (Format I) and of 1,600 EUR (Format II), the optional workshop of Format II will be funded with up to 5,000 EUR
  • contribution towards health insurance: maximum of 35 EUR per month for non-EU citizens
  • allowance for non-personnel costs: 50 EUR per month
  • reimbursement of travel expenses (second class rail fare)

Application Papers

Application forms and further information on the application procedure can be found here.

Application Deadline

Applications for a fellowship in 2022 are accepted until 30 September 2021.

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