Hanoi Law University (HLU)

As part of this cooperation, a German Law Centre has been established in conjunction with German universities. The DAAD and HLU also signed a MoU in 2010, providing the basis on which academic exchange will be developed further. In addition to a DAAD Herder lectureship, the DAAD supports young academics by offering doctoral scholarships as part of its programmes. University partnerships exist with HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences and the University of Gießen.

On 31 October 2016, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier attended the launch of a new specialisation option in German and European law, which was added to the existing Bachelor’s programme in law. This is intended to ensure that, from the 2016/17 winter semester, students interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree programme in Germany will be even better prepared for their Master’s course or doctoral studies. Students in this field will also be linguistically competent as they will be able to take German language lessons alongside their degree course from the first semester onwards.

The full transcript of the Foreign Minister’s speech on the launch of the new specialisation can be read here (in German).